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My name is Tracy Wheeler, and I became an ISR instructor in December of 2017.
I live in Pickerington with my husband, Jonathan, and three boys, Griffin, Weston and Bowen. I have a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy, and I practice PT in skilled nursing facilities around central Ohio and surrounding areas.

My ISR journey began in late 2009 when a friend told me about the program that was being offered near us, and that I should try it out. I knew nothing about ISR and had never seen the videos of the babies floating fully clothed. There was an instructor being trained in a hotel near us, and we were able to take advantage of a Master Instructor being close by, and my oldest son, Griffin, at 8 months old was soon learning to float!

After he finished the program, I knew that being an instructor was something that I wanted to do. But working as a PT, and then becoming pregnant with two more children in the next 3 years hindered my opportunity to take off work and go through the extensive training of becoming an ISR instructor. Finally in early 2017, I made the decision that now was the time! I finished training in November 2017.



Hi I’m Mollie Zook, certified ISR instructor here in the Columbus area.

I live in Dublin with my husband, Mike, and two kids, Maggie and George. I have been an ISR instructor for over 5 years now. I began my journey after a childhood friend posted a video of her 18mo getting rings off the bottom and then floating. I thought “what is this? and how can I get my daughter in this?” As a new mom (and one in landlocked Ohio) I had no clue what it was or that this program even existed. After inquiring with my friend I found ISR! I also found that there was no one in my area. I had thought to myself that it was too expensive and too time consuming to become an instructor myself so I let it drop for the time being. A year later an instructor from Cincinnati contacted me as she was traveling up here to teach. Lisa Feldman came up here and  changed my life. In the course of the 5 weeks it took Maggie to become a floating kid I found out that my dad had been Lisa’s swim coach when she was little and that there were many others in Columbus like myself wanting ISR to be present all the time.  Lisa convinced me to go for it! So I interviewed with ISR and took the leap so about 8 weeks after Maggie ended her first ISR journey and 6 weeks after my little George was born I began my ISR journey!

It has been challenging and so rewarding to work with all the families in Columbus who have taken part in ISR. I have had many children save themselves in the water whether it was falling in a pond, falling into the deep end, falling into grandma’s pool while parents were talking, or one child even fell in the pool after her siblings swim practice wrapped tightly in a towel and promptly rolled to her back and floated despite not having use of her arms. I have also been thrilled with how much my own children enjoy the water! Teaching them was probably the hardest set of students I have ever had!

I come from a swimming background. My dad was a swim coach and started a beginner summer swim league in Hamilton, Ohio were over 20,000 kids have gone through the program. I swam for my HS St Ursula Academy and went on to swim at Denison University for 4 years. At Denison I helped our team win the 2001 NCAA Division III National Championship and was named swimmer of the year at that meet. I was a 2 time individual national champion in the 100 butterfly which included a national record as well. Other college accomplishments in swimming include 6 other national titles in relays, 20 All American honors, 2001/2002 Who’s Who Amongst College Students,  and a NCAA Post Graduate Scholarship. After I graduated from Denison I continued in the swimming world as an assistant coach at Wesleyan University (CT) where I earned my Masters degree. I then returned to Ohio and Denison where I coached for 3 more years and helped the teams earn several conference titles. I left college athletics to raise my family but have never left the swimming world as I have taught lessons in some aspect since I was 14 years old.

I look forward to working with many more young families and their children in Westerville and Dublin areas!